Nose Rings – What You Should Know

A perfect nose ring is that which compliments your piercing. Nose rings are self -clasping hoops that come in various sizes. These types of jewelry have been in existence for almost four thousand years, but they are still highly fancied and fashionable to date. The most popular types are the loop, the stud that has got an L-bar closure, the stud with a flat backing and a stud with a ball closure. This nose jewelry is made of a great choice of materials and styles.

Types of nose ring materials

Goldnose ring

Gold is the second best material to be used in making your nose jewels as long as the quality used a great one usually a 14kt or 18kt gold piece. Jewels with gold plates are not however recommended for your nostrils since it quickly wears off with constant exposure to body fluids such as sweat.


This metal is another great material to use as a nose jewel though it has been found to have an irritating effect on fresh nostril piercings. You can, however, start using nose rings made of this material six months down the line after you have had your piercing as the wound would have already healed.

Surgical Steel

In the case of a fresh nostril piercing, surgical steel is the most recommended material to be used in making your nose jewelry. The reason behind this is that surgical steel is hypo-allergenic and causes no skin irritation as opposed to cheaper metals such as nickel.


Silver and stnose ringerling silver for that matter is another choice for a nose jewel, but it is not recommended for a fresh piercing. The reason behind this is that sterling silver when in contact with body fluids is caused to oxidize quickly turning black. The black oxidation may penetrate the body tissues leaving a permanent black spot in the affected area. For you to wear silver jewels in your nostrils, wait at least for a year after you have had your piercing and still regularly, check the ring to make sure that there are no signs of oxidation on it.

Other great materials that can be used for nose jewels include the following: Bioplast, Backline, Niobium, Bio-Flex, PTFE, Zircon Gold. Besides, at the end of the day, it all depends on your taste when it comes to nose rings.…