Simple Home Care Pointers for Healthy and Beautiful Nails

Knowing how to care for our nails is the best way to make them healthy and beautiful. For long nails, it is advised that you go to a nail salon every week. For shorter nails, you may need professional manicure every two weeks.

Nails are extensions of our skin and should be accorded the right care to keep them in their best condition. Our nails reflect our personalities, so they say. Indeed, it is not good to be perceived as one who is untidy and unhygienic among our circle of friends or those we casually meet in the street. Whether we are into menial jobs, a housewife, or an executive, there is no excuse to have dirty nails.

We might not always have free time to go to the salon. As most salons these days only accept pre-arranged appointments, it may be difficult to adjust our schedules. Nowadays, salons also demand hefty amounts for their services. We might not have extra cash all the time to go to salons.

The following are simple nail tips that we can do at home just to make sure that our nails will always look healthy and attractive.

Cleaning Tips

It is truly embarrassing to have dirty nails when we meet people. Making it a habit to clean our nails in the morning, just like brushing our teeth, can spare us from these embarrassing moments.

Cleaning our nails is easier after taking a bath or washing the dishes as the dirt has softened and can be easily removed. Use orange sticks or the tip of a clipper to get rid of the dirt underneath your nails. Brush your nails with soap to remove discolorations. If some stains cannot be removed, you can dip your nails into some lemon juice and wash it after some minutes.

Cutting Tips

After dipping your nails in water and cleaning them, you can trim your nails by cutting straight across by using a nail cutter. Use nail files to round the nails at the corners. When the edges of your nails become rough and uneven, smoothen them by using a nail file.

Applying Nail Polishers

You should have practiced for some time to apply nail polishers by yourself, or else you should go to a nail salon. After cleaning and cutting your nails, you can use acetone to remove the old polish on your nails. You should choose lighter shades when you think you are not a pro, so any unevenness may not be so obvious.  After applying nail color, always apply moisturizer on your nails to make them soft and supple.

Home care for our nails will never substitute the quality of nail services nails salons can give us. But knowing these tips will ensure that our nails will always look beautiful and clean. You can check on for professional nail salon services. You may get some ideas on how to improve your nail care skills and vital precautionary tips, which you should not do.…