A Buyers Guide To Buying A Pair Of Hair Dressing Scissors

Hair dressing scissors are among the most basic tools in the hairdressing trade. However, choosing a hairdressing scissor is not always an easy decision. In fact, most hair stylists have many pairs of scissors suited for different jobs. Besides the type of hair or job, many other factors determine the type of scissor to choose. That said, here is a guide on how to choose the right pair of hair dressing scissors.

Style of hairdressing

There are many shapes or designs of hair dressing scissors. Ideally, there barber shopare endless options to choose from. In most instances, you will be looking at either the straight scissors or the offset scissors. Ideally, straight scissors are those traditional units that have the thumb holes and the blades in a straight line. On the contrary, offset scissors tend to have a thumb hole closer to the screw of the scissor. Offset scissors are used in areas where the hairdresser needs to work in a lower and more natural position.

Cutting edge

The cutting edge of a scissor plays a critical role in the cutting process. Besides the experience of the hairdresser, the cutting edge plays a significant role in improving your efficiency. If you are just learning, you should use serrated scissors. After mastering this art, you can consider trying convex blades, which have a sharp and smooth cutting edge.


Another factor to consider when choosing a hairdressing scissor is the comfort levels. Any hairdresser knows the value of having a pair of scissors that are comfortable. Comfort serves to reduce the strain on your hand and joints. Comfort improves the quality of your work and makes you work for longer periods.


hairdressingOnce you gain a considerable experience in hairdressing, the next thing you should do is to invest in a good pair of scissors. Preferably, you should start with a pair of Kasho Scissors. The good thing about these scissors is that you are assured of having something that will give the liberty to master your craft to perfection and something that will serve you for years to come.

These are just some of the many factors to consider when choosing hairdressing scissor. You might also need to look at thing like your budget, right or left-handed, or the size of the scissor. In this regard, avoid buying a pair of scissors just to own one.…