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Must Have Makeup Accessories

Every woman wants to look fresh-faced throughout the day making make up an essential part of a woman’s routine. However, there are a few real essentials that every woman must have. These are the accessories that you will pack in your bag each day before leaving the house. Find out more at Lancome makeup. What are these accessories? What are their functions?

Must Have Makeup Accessories

EyesMakeup Accessories

· Mascara and Mascara Applicator Guide- This is a paramount accessory in applying mascara correctly without flinching and getting the product all over your face. The tool keeps your face clean as you put your favorite mascara on.
· Eyelash Curler– Long, full eyelashes not only makes a face look radiant but also enhance the appearance of your eyes. Eyelash curler comes in handy as it helps you achieve that beautiful lash that will make your face look fresh all day long.
· Eyeshadow- Eyeshadows not only accentuates the eyes but also gives a person a classic look. A bright eyeshadow draws attention to the eyes and completes your look. Retouching your eyeshadow frequently during the day will ensure that you look prim and polished.
· Eyeliner accentuates and defines the shape of your eyes and adds a touch of glamor. You can use liquid eyeliner for a dramatic look while the powder eyeliner efficiently fills in the lower lash line.

Face – Checks, Foreheard And Chin

· Variety Of Brush – The brush helps you blend in your foundation among other products that are wet. You can brush all powders and get an even complexion with these makeup brushes.
· Lotion or Moisturizer- Moisturizer hydrates the skin by locking water inside the skin and preventing it from leaving. A hydrated skin looks younger and radiant hence it is critical for one to have a moisturizer.
· Concealer- A concealer covers all blemishes, dark spots, dark circles and imperfections on the face leaving you with an even and flawless skin. Choose a concealer that will match your skin tone.
· Foundation – This helps form the base for applying the makeup.
· A bronzer or blush- Bronzers give accentuates your cheeks and give them that healthy and classic look. If your complexion is fair, you can use pink and coral hue, but if your skin is dark, you can use brown bronzers. Bronzers come in the form of creams and powders. While is easier to apply, creams sit smoothly on your cheeks.


woman using Lipstick and Lip Gloss· Lipstick and Lip Gloss- Lipstick gives you a polished look and completes the overall makeup. Gloss gives your lips that shine and makes them look plumper. Lipstick should match your skin tone.

Lastly one needs a Compact Mirror. A makeup mirror is an essential accessory that every girl must pack in their bag before leaving the house. You will need to see how you are applying makeup otherwise you may leave some patches that are not blended or apply too much lipstick.