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Creating unique fashion sewing patterns

Everyone has dreams of making it big in life. The first thing they wish to do is wear designer clothes. It is a drive that more or less everyone has. Everyone wants to own a designer outfit. A touch of designer uniqueness is a very productive idea. Like any other art, fashion has it’s base on the firm platform of tools and methods. Patterns are one such tool. A pattern is a format or layout imitating from which one will fashion the main outfit. They are drafted on paper or vellum and then they are used to cut out the desired fabric shapes. These shapes are then sewed together to create the final outfit.

The following are tips necessary to get started with creating unique fashion sewing patterns.

1. Get the right tools.

thread Just like cooking, it is hard to do the job without the right tools. There are a lot of tools available that makes it possible for individuals to make their unique sewing patterns. Some tools have substitutes, but many tools have a unique and important task that only it alone can achieve. It is worth investing in some quality items as they make the pattern creation task easier. A clear ruler, small pair of scissors, a seam allowance marker, a mechanical pencil, rotary cutter and a French curve are some of the essential tools to get started. Pattern paper and some manila oak tag paper also aid in drafting directly into the paper before transferring the final pattern to Manila oak tag paper.

You also have to invest in an excellent sewing machine.

2. Study garment patterns.

Studying existing sewing patterns is an excellent way to gain an understanding of how to make patterns. It is a good practice to buy a few patterns and check their shape, how the curves flow and change as they move through the body, the markings on the patterns and their importance. Getting enough knowledge about the patterns will help in coming up with an incredible design.

3. Invest in pattern making books.

Some quality design textbooks have the best information. These textbooks teach all the skills for drafting more designs and how to do it all in a professional way that is suited for the industry.

4. Try making your patterns.

patternsAfter learning and gaining the necessary skills in pattern-making and have some quality tools, then it is time to try it yourself. It will take a few practices to become comfortable with the process of drafting patterns and later on start creating designs with ease.

With these tips, putting some effort and determination, it is easy to create unique fashion sewing patterns which will help one create designer outfits and fulfill their goals.