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Be Part of the Trending Wooden Frame Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only worn for eye protection, but they are a fashion embraced by people of all lifestyles. While the appeal of sunglasses mostly lies in the design of its lenses, the design of the frames is an important factor to consider when shopping for sunglasses. Wooden Frame Sunglasses is an emerging trend that has caught the attention of fashioners, environmentalists, and the glass enthusiasts alike.

What are wooden frame sunglasses?

As the name suggests, wooden sunglasses arsunglassese eye accessories with a wooden frame. Manufacturers mix polyurethane resin, acetate fiber, and water before spraying it to a casting mold. The product then goes through stabilization and finishing processes to improve its durability. Wooden frames may also be entirely handcrafted using simple tools although these may not be as much appealing as the mechanized ones. Just like metallic or plastic frames, wooden frames come in a variety of sizes, designs, and color.



Wooden frame sunglasses provide the benefits of regular eyewear without causing much harm to the environment. In addition to being produced in environmentally friendly conditions, the raw materials are renewable. Wearing wooden-framed sunglasses is in agreement with the environmental policies in most societies and serves to remind the people to protect the environment.

Diversity of Options

There is no end to design options when it comes to wooden frames. For the cast wooden frames, it only takes a change in the mold to change the design. Wooden sunglasses find application for all users, including standard, tinted and prescription sunglasses.

No fading

Unlike mealloy framestallic and alloy frames, the color of wooden frames does not come off even when scratched. Due to the blending process involved during manufacture, the frames maintain the original color throughout their lifetime. People who have allergic reactions to the coloring of metallic sunglasses can comfortably wear the wooden alternative.

Constant shape

Considering the nature of the material, wooden sunglasses do not go out of shape. However, it is for this reason that these sunglasses break off easily as they cannot withstand pressure. It is imperative to be extra-careful whenever using wooden sunglasses.

Wooden sunglasses have revolutionized eyewear with their immense benefits. They make us more attractive, promote a better living environment and give us a higher quality of life. Wooden sunglasses are also naturally lightweight, giving you the most comfortable eye wear. Every person with a feel for fashion or concerned with the environment should consider wooden sunglasses as an alternative.