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A Smart Guide to Choosing the Best Watch for You

Although we now have a calendar, a clock, a timer, a weather forecast, and an alarm on our phone, wristwatches still seem to hold their significance among the users. This item has shifted from a management device to a fashion statement. Therefore, if you see wristwatch models today, they are all focused more on the intricacy of the design than upgrading themselves to be smartwatches.

If this is your first time of choosing a watch, then the chances are that you may get confused by the diverse range of choices you have.

The Size Matters

Not only the size of the clock case that matters but so does the strap. The strap may be small, but the case may be too big for your wrist. This issue may not be serious for males because big watches tend to make a man’s appearance masculine. However, if females wear a watch that is too big, it will spoil her entire look.

Stylish or Sporty?

leather strap watchThe most stylish watch is not appropriate for heavy outdoor use. At maximum, general Rolex models can only withstand 300 m deep water pressure. If you want to wear a watch underwater, then you have to buy a dive watch, such as Breitling or Blancpain, which perhaps do not look as elegant and polished as their conventional counterparts. This rule also applies to shock-resistant watches. In fact, most durable shock-resistant watches use resin straps instead of the bracelet straps.

There do exist watches that can accommodate moderate fashion need and outdoor use at the same time, but you cannot expect that each function has 100% of its potential. Therefore, please consider the purpose of your purchase carefully.

Wear the Watch with Your Favorite Outfit

elegant watchWhen a model of a watch seems like it fits you, it is not always the reality. In order to be 100% sure, it is best if you try wearing the watch with your every day’s style. Wear your best suit to test out how suitable the desired watch is. For casual purposes, wear your shirts and denim to make sure that the watch does not turn your relaxed style into an overly formal look.

Watch Video Reviews on YouTube

If you buy a watch from abroad, then researching everything about the brand and model online is a necessity. And the most convincing review content is the ones published on YouTube because you can get a pristine visual representation of the item. Bark & Jack, Hodinkee, The Slender Wrist, and TheWatches.Tv are four excellent channels that discuss everything to know about watches.